Travelling Nowadays

Sometimes, when I open Instagram, I see photos of my friends when they travel to domestic or international destinations. pose with a big smile and happiness like giving a signal that they enjoy the adventure and happy because they can escape from city crowd for a moment.

Yes, nowadays travelling might be the best choice for recreation and running from hectic of the city, because today, travelling become easy because supported by technology service.

If we take a look back to the couple years ago, when people want to buy a transportation ticket (plane / bus / train) for travelling they should come to the travel agent to get some information such as ticket price and the recommendation departure date to get the best price.

After get transportation ticket, what’s next ? of course hotel, a couple years ago usually we get the information about hotel from friend recommendation or even from flyer and it’s so difficult to compare the hotels from the price, facilities and etc. So we just select the hotel from the most recommended hotel by our friends. this method also applies to car rental service.

Now we already have a transport ticket and the hotel, it’s time to travelling and start the adventure.

When we are ready to start travelling, we face the main problem, where roads should we take to the destination ? should we take left or right ? the main solution and the only solution is ask the direction to someone that we meet over and over again. This really not efficient and so much consuming our travelling time and also have a probability to get lost if we miss the direction, maybe we need the local map :D

But now its different…

Today we easily check the ticket prices, get information when the best departure date to get cheapest price, and we easily compare the price between fleets, all in from your device screen.

For finding hotel, so easily to get information about Hotel, from the pictures, reviews, and facilities might be we get, and we can adjust the hotel with the budget and so easy to compare between hotels.

When we arrive at the travelling destination, today, no more worry to get lost, personally i prefer to get lost when travelling (not really lost, but come to place that i really don’t know where i am). Thanks to the sophisticated navigation app to make this happen and i not really lost and still can find way to the hotel.

Yes, navigation app. This really application that should installed in smartphone, not just for give the navigation to back to the hotel, navigation app also give information about near places such as tourist destination, restaurant, ATM, gas station, etc.

Thats what make travelling is easy right now. So how ? it’s time pack your clothes to your backpack, buy a transport ticket, book the hotel, and start travelling*

*money is needed